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1. Incomprehensible phenomena

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1.1 Edwin Hubble’s discoveries

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The accelerated expansion of the universe

In 1929, Edwin Hubble showed – with the help of spectral analysis in the light spectrum of remote galaxies – a greater shift in the red range (Red Shift) (1), the more distant they were, and thus corroborated Lemaitre (2) and Alexander Friedmann’s (3) theories about the expansion of the universe.

While doing so, Hubble pointed out two incomprehensible phenomena:

  • All distant objects move away from us.
  • The further an object away from us, the more rapid its
       escape velocity is.
  • Both phenomena are a mystery to this very day, and cannot be satisfactorily explained in physical terms yet, they are obviously measurable. It seems to us, we occupy a special place in the universe.

    “Above all, it could seem as if we found ourselves in the center of the universe, since observation shows us that all galaxies move away from us” (Stephen Hawking)(4)

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    (4) The Illustrated A Brief History of Time, 1996, Bantam Books, New York, New edition Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg  2004 (retranslation from German)

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