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Space Geometry

9. Spatial geometry

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9.1 Bases of calculation

Becker-Fig-39.jpg, Becker-Mov-24.gif
The spatial geometry

Keeping spatial geometry in mind, the following variables ensue for the calculation:

S = own location
Z = center of Big Bang
R’ = visible position of reference object
R = current position of reference object
c = zero axis line
a = current line Z – R
a’ = visible line Z – R’
b = current line to R
b’ = visible distance to R’
z0 = zero axis vector
z1 = current vector R -> S
z1’ =  visible vector R’ -> S
z2 = current vector Z – R
z2’ = visible vector Z -> R’
b = angle to S between Z and R
b' = angle to S between Z and R’

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