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Far Velocity

4. The escape velocity of distant objects
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Expansion of Matter

If one considers the course of the individual objects in relation to the Earth’s own position, a differentiation has to be made between the current actual location of the distant object and its visible location. (With the same velocity = green circle)

The further they move away from our direction of movement, the more time the objects require until the light information has reached our position. The light information follows the laws of Doppler- Effect (red circle) (13).

It is not necessary to assume that these light waves also expand with the expansion of the universe. The effect of accelerated expansion of the universe is also represented without this assumption.

The starting point of this movement is always the center of the Big Bang. The current location is a position which can only be calculable for us if we know the location of the center and the object’s direction of movement from this location.

(13) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppler_effect

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