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Cosmic Microwave 
Background (CMB)

5. The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

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5.1 Configuration of visible horizon

: Becker-Fig-19.jpg, Becker-Mov-12.gif
One point of the visible CMB background

Three different perspectives must be brought together in the model of one’s own escape movement. This model does not function in the standard model according to Hubble:

  • The outward view into the “nursery” of the universe
  • The consideration of the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang, from a small core to a broad sheath
  • The consideration of the time which the mirror image requires in order to get back to us from the edge of the universe.

The visible and the current location are determined for the 3rd point. In order to be able to observe furthest possible, visible expansion of CMB from one’s own location as a reflection, the light’s time span and the distance covered must be taken into consideration, and this point in the universe must be marked (= visible location).

The length of this distance covered is the same at that distance which the light requires in the further expansion up to the current expansion horizon (= current location).

Therefore, the visible location is situated at the center of a circle that simultaneously goes through the Earth and touches the tangents of the light’s expansion horizon (current location). Any other points of the light’s expansion horizon are ascertained with this method, in order to be able to construct a horizon of the visible background radiation from the multitude of the individual points.

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