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Optical Deceptions
in the Universe

The false estimation of the escape velocities of remote galaxies and the accelerated expansion of the universe.

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We are a moving component in the expansion of the universe.

Passenger of a New Year`s rocket

Incomprehensible phenomena

Imagine you are a passenger during the explosion of a New Year’s rocket and observe the expanding particles.
During your flight you will notice that all particles move away from you and the distant particles apparently fly faster than those nearby. Edwin Hubble discovered these phenomena with remote galaxies and concluded: the universe expands at an accelerated rate.
This was erroneous. Since we are not able to discern our own escape velocity, we see all other objects moving away. The universe is not expanding at an accelerated rate.

This article solves the mystery and describes the phases of expansion from the perspective of a participating observer, and shows how many mysteries of the universe can easily be solved.

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You can never
solve a problem
on the same
level on which
it was created.


Albert Einstein

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